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Research integrity and ethics, reliable research results, teaching and learning

Community network

The Path2Integrity Community is a network of all interested people in teaching research integrity, may they teach at high schools (secondary schools) or at universities or if they are researchers or professionals who teach in the private sector, may they be teachers unions, providers of professional capacity building programs (public/private), managers of curricula’ or ‘study leadership’, RIOS & RECS, Research funders such as for example national research agencies, NGO-funders, private research funders, representatives of Higher Education Associations, professional and scientific journals in the area of education and research methods. Our community wants to be a place for exchange, of support and a growing space for advocates for research integrity. There is one contact person per country (our so-called Path2Integrity Community Leaders) and please feel free to reach out to them if you would like to be part of the community and/or if you would like to teach research integrity.